The Flamingo's Crooked Beak

by D.W. Cloud

The flamingo is one of the majestic creatures that God created for His glory and for the delight of man. On a trip to a zoo earlier this year I took the accompanying photo and was wondering about the bird’s bent beak. It looks like it was broken in half, the front part painted black, bent downward, and then rejoined. The reason for the bend is to facilitate the bird’s feeding habit. The flamingo is a filter feeder like the oyster and the baleen whale. It feeds in shallow water on tiny organisms, and the bent beak becomes horizontal with the bottom of the lagoon or pond when it bends its head down to feed. As the bird moves its head from side to side, its tongue pumps water through the beak (moving back and forth in a groove about four times a second) and a complex sieve-like structure intelligently captures crustaceans, tiny insects, and algae.

Everything about the flamingo is amazing, including the living cells of which it is made, its brain, its eyes, its flying feathers, its legs, all its organs that work in perfect harmony, its keen senses, its ability to fly, to feed itself, to navigate, to migrate, to procreate. Did you know that the flamingo stands on one leg because this reduces the amount of body heat lost to cool water? Or that the flamingo feeds its chicks with a pink milk-like substance? Evolutionists call such things as the flamingo’s beak an “adaptation,” but they have never provided any scientific evidence for how creatures and organs could come into being through “natural processes.” “Natural selection” is not a creative power, and mutations are overwhelmingly harmful.

If evolution is true--that everything came from nothing, and life arose from non-life, and intelligence came from non-intelligence, and complex creatures arose from “simple” ones, and everything we see in the universe just happened--it is a far more amazing concept than Almighty God.
Kathmandu Traveler
David W Cloud