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Kathmandu Traveler
David W Cloud
This collection of free eBooks and articles is provided for those who are interested in examining the objective, testable reasons why we believe that the Bible is God’s Word and Jesus Christ is the resurrected Lord and Saviour. I put my faith in Christ 40 years ago at age 23. Prior to that I was a skeptic and a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship Society, a Hindu meditation organization. To accept the Bible as God’s Word and Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is not a blind leap in the dark. In fact, I am convinced that Christ’s bodily resurrection is one of the most well-established facts of history. Have you seriously considered the evidence for God and the divine inspiration of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Bible's Amazing Story
   This summary of the Bible is designed for evangelism. It features excerpts from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation under 205 headings. More than 200 explanatory footnotes explain the unfolding story of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a large book, and to the uninitiated it is difficult to understand. A teacher is required, as we see in Acts 8 in the case of the Ethiopian eunuch. The Bible’s Amazing Story is designed to assist those who are searching for the truth and who want to know what the Bible is all about. It is also an excellent study book for new converts.
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Questions Answered on the Bible and Christianity
   Answers to commonly asked questions. The questions that are answered include the following: What is the Bible? Who wrote it? Hasn’t science disproved the Bible? Do any scientists believe the Bible? How could all of the animals fit on Noah’s Ark? Why does God allow suffering? Is there evidence that Jesus rose from the dead? Does the Bible say that women are inferior? Aren’t Hindu scriptures older than the Bible? Why have Christians done bad things such as cause wars? What is the Trinity? Includes a chapter on what the Bible says about the future.
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The Bible's Proof
   A look at eight of the evidences that the Bible is what it claims to be, the infallible Word of God to man. The chapter titles are as follows: The Bible’s Unique Construction, The Character of the Bible’s Authors, Fulfilled Prophecy, The Bible’s Accuracy, The Bible’s Candor, The Bible’s Indestructibility, The Bible’s Universal Appeal, and The Bible’s Doctrine of Salvation. Do you know your Bible as you should? “Without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”
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Testimoniesofscientistsksite copy

Testimonies of Scientists Who Believe the Bible
   This book debunks the commonly-held view that no true scientist today is a creationist. It features the testimonies of over 70 scientists with doctorates who reject evolution and believe in a six-day creation...

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